Sunday, 26 July 2015

Orton Gillingham Approach - Best Effective Teaching Program

When the child is officially diagnosed with auditoryprocessing disorders by a qualified, a psychologist and a neuropsychologist, it is time for you to use the Orton Gillingham reading program. This program has been specially designed for the homeschooling for teaching the child how to read.

The orton-gillingham method was devised by Anna Gillingham and Samuel Orton. This is mainly a multi sensory method which has been designed to help children suffering from Dyslexia, to read. However, the Orton Gillingham program is not an actual program, but there are other reading programs available that use this Orton Gillingham program. This can be used as a part of the homeschooling curriculum for students suffering from dyslexia.

To find a good orton-gillingham method, you need to know the important components of the method. This methodology includes the following criteria:

Comprehensive- each and every detail of phonology is taught to dyslexia students. These include every sound, every sound letter combination, every letter, rules of decoding, rules of spelling, the frequency of words using particular rules and more.

Explicit instruction- each and every detail related to phonology is carefully taught to the students. In fact, there’s nothing that is left behind while teaching.

Direct instruction- every student is taught through direct instructions or absolutely directly.

Multi sensory- every piece of instruction is taught very clearly through various ways of teaching. These include kinesthetic or movement based teaching, visual as well as audio based teaching.

Mastery- every piece of information is carefully taught until the student can recall it all by them. These include the recalling of sound letter combination, spelling rules, decoding, and syllabication and more easily without any difficulty.


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