Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dealing With Students with Learning Disabilities in the Classroom

Are you catering for students with dyslexia and other impairments that make their learning difficult? Are you trying to comprehend how a learner can barely write out their name? Perhaps, you should find out better teaching and organizational strategies that will help to bring out the maximum potential of these learners with their diverse conditions. Lesson planning software can help you out in addition to other technologies. 

The Orton Gillingham lesson plans come in handy to teachers who handle children with diverse special needs. The lesson planning app offers you very friendly plans that allow you to assess all your students independently. You will be able to monitor their progress and establish better ways of educating them to ensure they grasp the content. What is more, these plans provide for all your instructional needs and make your work in planning easier; you are able to enhance the mastery of skills including comprehension, reading, writing, vocabulary, outlining and summarizing work among your students. All you need to do is to subscribe for them using the elementary or comprehensive program depending on your needs!

How to handle students with autism 

Helping children with autism to develop skills, language and communication is the role of any teacher who cares for the welfare of their learners. You could assist by incorporating visual aids in your classes. You should establish timetables with the time and a drawing of what they will be doing during the specific lesson. Since children with this condition can so simply understand diagrams, you should try to use computer software with stories, instructions and descriptions that are supported with pictures to make it simple for them to understand. 
Find out more information from online sites that provide data on handling children with autism.


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